How do I make a phone call using my Google speaker?

With the Google speaker provided with your Helping Hand system (voice packages only), you can use this speaker to make phone and video calls. Here are the steps.

To make voice calls

You can simply say call "Okay Google, call [phone number]"

  1. Outgoing calls will appear as private on the recipients call display. To show your number:

    1. From the main screen of the Google Home app, tap on your profile icon in the top right and select "Assistant settings"

    2. Tap "Services" > "Voice and Video calls" and then "Mobile calling"

    3. Under “Your own number,” tap “Edit” > “Add or change phone number”

    4. Enter your phone number, then tap “Add”

    5. You'll receive a text with a code. Enter the code, then tap “Verify”

    6. You’ll see the phone number under “Your own number.” This can take up to 10 minutes to appear

  2. If you would like to sync your contacts, you will need to do the following:

    1. Open the Google Home app

    2. Select your smart speaker from the list and choose the gear icon

    3. Under “More”, tap “Recognition and personalization”, and ensure "Allow personal results" is turned on

    4. Go back to the main screen of the Google Home app and tap your account icon in the top right

    5. Tap "Manage your Google account"

    6. Scroll over to the "People & sharing" tab and tap "Contact info from your devices"

    7. Ensure "Save contacts from your signed-in devices" is enabled

  3. When you are done, say "Okay Google, hang up"

To make video calls

To see the instructions on how to make a video call, view this blog post that reproduced talking you through all of the steps.